Mare Pregnancy Tests

Now we're offering Mare Pregnancy Urine Tests!

A very simple and affordable way of checking to see if your mares are in foal. Our tests are 98% accurate!

Accurate readings after just 3 months of gestation. 

     No vet fees, no prescription, no harm to the mare.

Our kits come with the vial, needle, and syringe (everything you need)

Only $35 per kit- Free Shipping!

Instructions: The easiest way to collect the urine is to watch for your mare to urinate, as soon as she does, use the syringe to collect at least 2cc of clean urine. (a small amount of dirt is okay) 

Collecting the urine in a stall or on grass works best, but it also works on dirt and sand if you can get to it before it absorbs into the ground. You may also collect it in other ways, but we find this to be the easiest.  

Then you attach the needle to the syringe and transfer 1.5cc of urine into the vial with the tablet. (Fill to the 1.5ml line) Mix gently, and let it sit for 10 minuets.


If the urine in the vial has turned light green, dark blue then your mare is pregnant.


If the urine has turned back to yellow, then your mare is not pregnant. 


It's that easy! Get yours today!

By purchasing this kit, you are acknowledging that you are 18 years old and know your state laws about ordering non medical use needles.   


The vial may turn blue right away, wait until 10 mins has passed, it can fade. 

***Generally if the color turns light green it's early term, med green-light blue is mid term, and dark blue is late term. This isn't always correct! It is just reading how strong your mare's hormone is, but typically is correct. 

***Make sure you don't have the needle on the syringe while collecting the urine. Any little piece of dirt will clog the needle. Put it on after the urine is in the syringe.  If the needle gets clogged while trying to put urine in the vial, take it off, tap the dirt out or rinse it, then put it back on the syringe.

Not Pregnant